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Our 8 quart Patterned glass punch bowl is perfect for serving and presenting drinks at your next party, event or wedding. Complete with a punch bowl and a ladle, guests can easily serve themselves whatever punch, cocktail, or other featured drink you have available. This patterned bowl's wide tapered design also makes it easy to dip and access contents. This punch bowl's clear patterned allows fruit and other garnishes to be seen. 

Party Tip: Keep punch cold without diluting by adding scoops of ice cream or sherbet.... or..... Freeze 7-UP or fruit juices into rings (by using a bundt cake pan) to avoid dilution while keeping beverages cold

Stainless steel Remember, you need two coffee servers--one for regular and one for decaf. Party Tip: It is suggested that you have one coffee station for every 60 guests.

Capable Of Using 2 Seperate Kegs Of Beer. Requires CO2 Tank. Tank Is an additional $25.00