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The K760 Cut-n-Break Saw Enables You To Cut As Deep As 16" From One Side.

  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee Elec Tool
  • Model Number: 4270-20

Portable magnetic drill press  amps--9.0  volts-(ac only) 120


  • Manufacturer: Warner Manufacturing
  • SKU: 553081
  • Model Number: 5687

Redesigning a new place is certainly something that can be quite troublesome, but that will never be the case if you’re using the best wallpaper removal steamer. The Warner Electric Wallpaper Remover can help you remove wallpaper in just seconds! Runs on regular household current; Comes with all required accessories; Safety release weight cap; Pan & hose attachment hooks; Enlarged safety instructions plus five minute "how-to" video; Heavy-duty cord with GFCI.

Can be used with sanding discs or polishing & compounding padsManufacturer: Bosch

For grinding concrete or metal. Heavy duty hand heldManufacturer: Bosch

8"x8" tamper for asphalt patch work or tamping small areas of soil

  • Manufacturer: Bosch Power Tools
  • Model Number:

6.9 Amp Rotary Hammer

  • Manufacturer: Bosch Power Tools
  • Model Number: 11264EVS

13 Amp, 120V Rotary Hammer

  • Manufacturer: Bosch Power Tools
  • Model Number: 11316EVS

14 Amp., 120V Demolition Hammer

  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee Elec Tool

11 Amp Sawzall Recip Saw w/Case

  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee Elec Tool
  • SKU:
  • Model Number:

1/2" Right Angle Drill, 0-335 RPM/0-750 RPM