Product Catalog

Can thread 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" & 2" steel pipeManufacturer: Ridgid

Heats up frozen pipe without open flames.

aka snap cutter, soil pipe cutter. For cutting cast iron pipe only, cannot be used on steelManufacturer: Ridgid

14" wide 500lb cap used with pump jacks, ladder brackets or scaffolding

14" wide 500 lb cap used with pump jacks, ladder brackets, scaffolding

Used for putting a plank between ladders.

For handeling glass or other flat surfaced items

Also called square buff. can be used to sand floors and is excellent on decks. square pad moves in an orbital motion not spinning.Manufacturer: Clarke-American

Perfect for pavers, red brick etc. Electric w/stand

aka tray saw, tile saw, tub saw. Used to cut ceramic tile or marbel.Manufacturer: Felker

27 cal low velocity gun used to shoot nails into concrete or steel. Nails & loads additional

20' height self propelled lift. platform can extend out 3'. trailer included.  

For general carpentry work. Blade is not included but available for purchase

Include 50' of discharge hose. additional hose can be rented.

Includes 1 20'intake hose & 50' discharge hose. Additional hose available at add. chg